Dell'Ga has ancient roots that draw on that history of Italy narrated in books.

  • The founder was Enrico Dell'Orto, who was born in Seregno, in the province of Milan in 1860 and who was to live the political, social and cultural renaissance started by Garibaldi.
  • It all began when Enrico, at the age of fifteen, made his first horse’s harness and the first carriage trunk.
  • In 1880, leather working became a real profession; this was the start of the dream.
  • In 1920, after the First World War, Enrico’s eldest son Umberto Dell'Orto joined the firm. This was the beginning of the second Dell’Ga generation.
  • The advent of the automobile changed how people travelled and Umberto skilfully revolutionised Dell’Ga products according to the practical and aesthetic needs brought about by modernity.
  • At the end of the Second World War, with the country deep in economic depression, Umberto studied and put into practice a plan for the company’s recovery driven by a common desire for rebirth that could be felt throughout Europe.
  • In 1960 Umberto’s son, Gaetano, changed the company name, which officially became Dell’Ga, and promoted the brand with an international marketing operation.
  • In the seventies, the Dell'Ga brand conquered major European markets and this success extended to USA and as far away as Japan.
  • The brand established itself as the maximum interpretation of the career man’s style and developed lines that were increasingly more original and focused on the specific needs of its clientele.
  • In 1996 Dell'Ga received two prestigious recognitions for development and export of quality Made in Italy throughout the world:
    the Gold Coin Award from Milan Chamber of Commerce;
    the Harness Award from the Industrial Association of Monza&Lombardy.
  • 2000 saw confirmation of this Seregno-based company’s leadership in the top-level leather goods sector. The new century opened the door for new challenges on a global market that needs solid passionate companies like Dell’Ga in a search for new vigour and credibility.